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Lipofilling – Micro fat transplantation – Nano fat transplantation

Lipofilling – Micro Fat Transplantation – Nano Fat Transplantation in Munich and Starnberg with PD Dr. Max Geishauser

Are you interested in lipofilling? Then you are in good hands with the experienced plastic surgeon PD Dr. Max Geishauser.

Your advantages of lipofilling with PD Dr. Max Geishauser

  • PD Dr. Max Geishauser has 25 years of experience in plastic surgery
  • Specialist in lipofilling Micro fat transplantation – Nano fat transplantation
  • PD Dr. Max Geishauser is a nationally as well as internationally recognised expert

What costs should you expect for lipofilling?

As the costs depend on various factors, such as the extent of the treatment, we can only tell you the exact costs of your treatment in an initial consultation.

The lipofilling method

Lipofilling (injection of the patient’s own fat) is a variant of wrinkle treatment in which specially prepared body fat is injected into the wrinkles. The body’s own fat is first gently removed to preserve the fat cells. Then it is prepared by means of various measures. After the injection, the fat cells can reconnect to the tissue circulation and thus become a functioning part of this area. The method is particularly suitable for filling in the facial area or under scars.

What do our patients say?

Important questions about lipofilling

What do you have to consider before and after lipofilling?

You should not take any blood-thinning medication, such as aspirin, for about 10 days before the procedure. You should also refrain from alcohol and smoking on the days before the operation.

After the treatment, you can support the growth of the cells by applying heat. Avoid putting pressure on the treated area. You should not put on make-up for about a week. During the first 4 to 8 weeks you should not go to the sauna or solarium and avoid sunbathing.

How long does lipofilling last?

The effect of lipofilling is permanent and lasts a lifetime, as the fat cells are no longer broken down.

How important is the surgeon’s experience in lipofilling?

Lipofilling is becoming increasingly popular as a particularly gentle method of wrinkle treatment. In order to keep the possibility of complications as low as possible, good training, sound anatomical knowledge and experience in the doctor’s special field of aesthetic and plastic surgery are necessary.

Is it possible to finance lipofilling?

You are welcome to finance the procedure. Contact us and let us advise you on the financing options.

How long will I have pain after lipofilling?

Usually there is no pain after lipofilling. However, if you do experience pain after lipofilling, this can be easily treated with conventional painkillers. The pain usually only lasts a few days.

What are the risks of lipofilling?

In general, lipofilling is a low-risk procedure. In very rare cases, allergic reactions occur. Redness or swelling is somewhat more common after the treatment, but these disappear by themselves after a few days. If infections occur, please contact us immediately, as these will need to be treated.

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Brief overview
Duration of treatment 1 – 2 hours
Anaesthesia Local anaesthesia
Outpatient/inpatient outpatient
Check-ups in the practice After 1 week, 4 weeks, 3 months
Social fitness immediately

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