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Micro fat transplantation

Micro fat transplantation in Munich, Munich and Starnberg by PD Dr. Max Geishauser

Are you looking for a micro fat transplant? You are in good hands with the experienced specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery PD Dr. Max Geishauser in Munich & Starnberg.

Micro fat transplants have been performed for about 30 years and can achieve very beautiful results. For a successful result it is important to go to a surgeon with many years of experience.

Your advantages of micro fat transplantation with PD Dr. Max Geishauser

  • PD Dr. Max Geishauser has more than 25 years of experience in plastic surgery.
  • Micro-fat transplantation according to the latest standards
  • PD Dr. Max Geishauser is a nationally and internationally recognised expert.

What costs do you have to expect for micro fat transplantation?

As the costs depend, among other things, on the area of application and the extent of the treatment, the exact costs can only be determined during an initial consultation.

Our method for micro fat transplantation

Micro-fat transplantation is a further development of autologous fat treatment. Here, fatty tissue is suctioned from areas with a lot of body fat, e.g. the abdomen. This is then processed, i.e. it is washed, the fat cells are divided into micro-particles and partly mixed with stem cells. With the help of special instruments, particularly fine microcannulas, the fat prepared in this way is injected into the desired region. A healing rate of 20 to 70% is realistic. In this way, irregularities, e.g. in the upper breast sections, can be evened out. There is also evidence that irradiated skin can be improved with this technique.

What do our patients say?

Important questions about micro fat transplantation

What do you have to bear in mind before and after micro fat transplantation?

Before the treatment, you should refrain from taking any medication that inhibits blood clotting for a few days. If you regularly take medication, please consult your family doctor and inform us. Alcohol and smoking should also be avoided if possible.

After a micro-fat transplant, a compression girdle must be worn for about four to six weeks in the region where the fat was taken. The region where the fat was injected should be cooled for a few days. Exercise should also be avoided for four to six weeks.

How long will you be unable to work after the micro fat transplant?

After the micro fat transplantation you should take about a week off work. After that you will be able to work again without any restrictions.

Can the micro fat transplantation be financed?

Of course, we also offer financing for micro fat transplantation. Just contact us – we will be happy to advise you.

Does the health insurance cover the costs of a micro fat transplantation?

Since micro fat transplantation is considered a purely aesthetic procedure, the costs for micro fat transplantation are generally not covered by health insurance.

What are the risks of micro fat grafting?

Micro fat grafting is considered a relatively low-risk procedure. However, swelling or bruising may occur after the treatment, but this will disappear by itself after a few days. During the consultation we will inform you about all possible risks of micro fat transplantation.

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