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Labiaplasty in Munich and Starnberg with PD Dr. Max Geishauser

Are you looking for a labiaplasty in Munich or Starnberg? Let the experienced plastic surgeon PD Dr. Max Geishauser advise you.

Anatomically, a distinction is made between the labia minora and the labia majora. In women who have not given birth, the labia minora often lie on the inside and are barely covered by the labia majora. This closes off the vaginal entrance to protect it.

Options for labiaplasty

For labiaplasty, both a reduction of the inner labia and an enlargement of the outer labia are possible.

Labia reduction

If the labia minora increase in size due to ageing, genetic factors or childbirth, they become visible and can sometimes protrude significantly beyond the labia majora. This can interfere with cycling or riding. They can also be aesthetically disturbing.

Depending on how pronounced they are, there are a number of surgical correction options to reduce the size of the labia minora. This involves removing the superfluous skin covering the enlarged “labia minora” and tightening it at the same time through a combination of tissue shifting.

The aim of the correction is to reduce the labia minora so that they are once again covered by the “large” ones. The exact extent of the reduction and the shape of the labia are individually adapted to the patient’s wishes.

Labia reduction can be performed under local anaesthesia with twilight sleep on an outpatient basis. However, the procedure can also be performed under anaesthesia if desired – usually also on an outpatient basis.

The operation is performed with micro instruments and is extremely precise. Fine self-dissolving sutures are used as sutures.

We do not use a laser because of the risk of more severe scarring.

After the operation there is almost always slight swelling, but this disappears after a few days with camomile sitz baths, rest, light cooling and decongestant medication.

Labia augmentation

When the labia majora lose volume, the volume can be replenished with a hyaluronic acid top-up or volume restoration using microfat grafting.

Hyaluronic acid refilling can be done simply by injection, which is hardly painful due to the use of modern flexible cannulas.

During the operation, which is usually carried out under a light short anaesthetic, the body’s own fatty tissue, for example on the abdomen, is sucked out using a particularly gentle technique so that the fat lobules are preserved. This own tissue is then elaborately prepared and implanted using a special technique and special instruments. Only minimal skin incisions are necessary for this.

Both procedures can cause swelling of the labia. This usually heals quickly with rest, gentle cooling and decongestant medication.

Here you will find further treatment options

  • Micro-fat-transplantation
  • Fillers – hyaluronic acid
  • Liposuction

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