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Breast augmentation with microfat transplantation

Lipofilling – LipoStructure® in München and Starnberg by PD Dr. Max Geishauser

Further development of autologous fat treatment

Micro-fat treatment in Munich- autologous fat transplantation – transplantation of autologous fat – lipolifting

Use the fat taken from the abdomen for breast augmentation?

Yes. The transplantation of the body’s own fat tissue has been carried out for a long time, with widely varying results depending on the type of application and the area of application. As this is a suitable method – for example, good results are possible with skin transplants – the principle was taken up again 30 years ago and has been continuously refined.

Advantages of breast augmentation with micro-fat transplantation:

  • Your own tissue – no foreign body
  • Repeatable operation
  • Few complications if used well
  • Operation under local anaesthetic
  • Shaping also of the donor site at the abdomen – hips
  • Can be combined with implant – so-called hybrid breast augmentation

Disadvantages of breast augmentation with micro-fat transplantation

Breasts can only be enlarged by half a cup size (if more fat is transplanted, it cannot grow and leads to complications). Fat deposits must be present – sometimes there is not enough fat tissue in very slim patients.

Breast augmentation with micro-fat grafting in Munich. How does it work?

With liposuction, fatty tissue is extracted from the abdomen, flanks or thighs and reintroduced into the appropriate part of the body. The fat cells are isolated and purified using special procedures and then transplanted. The fat is not simply injected into the tissue, but is very carefully and elaborately inserted into the tissue using the finest of pathways. This is done three-dimensionally in a structural way: “3 D-lipostructure” is what the developer of this method, Sydney Coleman, M.D., has called it. These fat cells can reconnect to the tissue circulation and thus become a functioning component in this area. They are then not broken down again. This method is particularly suitable for filling up large areas or volumes. For example, on the abdomen, fat tissue is gently suctioned out so that the fat cells are preserved, separated, the living fat cells are partially mixed with stem cells and then transplanted with special instruments to the desired location.

How much can the breast be enlarged in the long term?

The breast can be enlarged by about half a cup size per operation. Realistically, you can expect about 30-70% of the transplanted cells to heal and then to last. It takes several weeks for the growth and stem cells to take full effect. However, the healed cells remain in the tissue and improve the quality permanently. The healing rates of 95 – 98% occasionally quoted on the internet are not realistic. Volume deficits, for example in the upper breast sections or contour irregularities, can be compensated well.

Disadvantages of breast augmentation with micro-fat transplantation

One disadvantage is that, depending on the circumstances, several operations may be necessary because one does not risk complications such as oil cysts or calcifications in the breast. In order to prepare the breast tissue for transplantation, the breast tissue is sometimes stretched for weeks beforehand (BRAVA expander), which does involve considerable restrictions for the patient. As a compression girdle has to be worn at the donor site for 6 weeks, for example a “lipopanty”, in the past these treatments are usually carried out in the cooler seasons.

Advantages of breast augmentation with micro-fat transplantation in Munich

You transplant your own living tissue, no foreign bodies remain in the body. The tissue behaves like normal fatty tissue, it is soft and warm. And it increases and decreases with weight fluctuations. With good application in practised hands, there are few complications. The operation can be done on an outpatient basis under local anaesthetic. And shaping can also be done at the abdomen – hip removal site. If more effect is desired, the operation can be repeated, provided that enough fat tissue is found on the body.

Brief overview of micro-fat transplantation

Brief overview Description
Initial consultation 30 – 60 minutes
Surgical preparation Surgical capability (general practitioner – internist)
Outpatient/inpatient according to localisation and quantity Outpatient or briefly inpatient
Type of anaesthesia Regional anaesthesia, depending on localisation and amount also general anaesthesia
OP duration  30 minutes to 2.5 hours
Bandage change after 7-10 days
Bra no bra, just top, no “Stuttgart belt”!
Controls in the practice  after 1 week, 4 weeks, 3 months
Sport immediately after localisation and quantity
Social activities  usually hardly restricted in small amounts, otherwise restricted for a few days

Other effects of breast augmentation with micro-fat grafting

A pleasant side effect that our patients observe again and again is the clear improvement of the skin quality after a treatment, although the fat was only inserted into deeper layers. At the beginning, we did not know exactly why, but wrinkled skin became fresh and wrinkles disappeared. In the meantime, it is known that the regeneration of blood vessels (angiogenesis) is responsible for this. Where more blood arrives, the transport of nutrients is better. Other cell types trigger a reaction that also leads to more collagen formation.

Transplantation of own fat tissue

The treatment of the patient’s own fat has been an integral part of the treatment spectrum of our practice for years. In practised hands, fat tissue transplantation is a very effective and safe method in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Fewer scars. More feeling. The more beautiful breast.

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