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Breast augmentation– breast enlargement

Breast augmentation in Munich and Starnberg with PD Dr. Max Geishauser

Less scars. More sensitivity. The nicer breast.

Are you looking for a breast enlargement? You are in the right place with PD Dr. Max Geishauser. The practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich specialises in breast augmentation.

PD Dr. Max Geishauser is also considered an expert in breast implant technology.

When is breast augmentation an option?

In addition to measures to make the female breast appear larger through external measures such as bra inserts or push-up bras, surgical breast augmentations have been popular for many years. These are among the most common operations in plastic surgery. In the USA alone, more than 130 breast augmentations were performed in 1998. In these operations, silicone implants have been inserted into the breast since the mid-sixties, i.e. for over 50 years, to enlarge the breast, but also to change the shape of the breast with a surgical operation.

In addition to the existing findings of the breast, a whole range of other aspects must be taken into account, such as age or state of health, the elasticity of the skin and soft tissues, individual wishes, but also medical examination results, which are a prerequisite for the operation.

New developments in breast augmentation

Breast augmentations are performed for several different reasons:

– In case of breasts that are too small in relation to body size and weight (mammary hypoplasia).

– In the case of breasts that are not attached or not developed (mammary aplasia)

– If the breast volume decreases after pregnancy (postpartum mammary hypoplasia)

– In case of shrinkage of the breast volume (involutional mammary hypoplasia) in the course of growing older.

– When there is a desire for breast enlargement

– In case of different sized breasts (asymmetry)

What do our patients say about breast augmentation surgery?

We are specialised in breast augmentation. This high level of specialisation means that harmonious, aesthetic results and international standards are available for every woman.

With the concentration on breast implant surgery, the surgical techniques could be further refined. Harmonious breast corrections thus become particularly gentle. Our experienced specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery have made a name for themselves and set standards in the field of breast surgery.

Here, individual solutions are found for every woman. With the careful selection of the safest procedure, aesthetically optimal results are achieved – results that can be seen.

That is why surgical breast augmentations are performed exclusively by highly qualified specialists in plastic surgery.

How do I choose the optimal implant?

The existing breast is the starting point for the new breast shape after breast augmentation. This means that there are many possibilities to achieve a new breast shape with different implants and techniques, but not everything is possible. Many things are also not sensible. What is useful and what is not will be explained below.

Breast augmentation should be carried out according to the existing basic proportions in order to maintain or improve the aesthetic balance of the breast. The appearance of the breast and the impression it makes are determined by the proportions of the breast and the upper part of the body.

What does a beautiful breast look like?

Interestingly, there are breast shapes that very many people find beautiful. This does not necessarily mean that all breasts should look the same. But there are certain criteria that should be present, such as symmetry: breasts are never completely symmetrical, but it is good if they are more symmetrical after the operation.

What has to be considered during breast augmentation surgery?

In addition to the existing findings of the breast, a whole range of other aspects must be taken into account, such as age or state of health, the elasticity of the skin, individual wishes, but also medical examination results, which are a prerequisite for the operation.

What needs to be considered after the operation?

Breast augmentation is usually performed either as an outpatient procedure or during a short, one to two-day inpatient stay. By the time you are discharged from hospital, you will be mobile again and able to look after yourself for the most part.

After the procedure, however, you should not make your way home alone, but be accompanied by someone you know and use a taxi.

How long do drains last?

If drains have been placed, they can usually be removed again after 1 – 2 days.


After the operation it should be noted that the arms in particular must be rested for a few days to prevent the implant from slipping. General rest is only necessary for a few days; the operation is not very stressful overall.

It is usually a great relief to have someone at home to help with strenuous work. It makes sense to organise this before the operation.

What are the risks?

As already mentioned, breast augmentation is a common and low-risk operation. This is also proven by the high number of operations. However, every surgical procedure involves certain risks. The risks can be divided into risks due to the anaesthesia, risks that exist with every surgical intervention and risks that this special procedure entails.

Brief overview Description
Initial consultation 30 – 60 minutes
Surgical preparation Surgical capability (general practitioner – internist)
Outpatient/inpatient according to localisation and quantity Outpatient or briefly inpatient
Type of anaesthesia Regional anaesthesia, depending on localisation and amount also general anaesthesia
OP duration  30 minutes to 2.5 hours
Bandage change after 7-10 days
Bra no bra, just top, no “Stuttgart belt”!
Controls in the practice  after 1 week, 4 weeks, 3 months
Sport immediately after localisation and quantity
Social activities  usually hardly restricted in small amounts, otherwise restricted for a few days

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