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Our book

Dear colleagues!

I am pleased to now present our well-known book online:

Free microvascular and axial pedicled flaps

Free microvascular flaps have brought a revolution in reconstructive surgery. Because of their excellent vascularisation, they have expanded the range of indications for tissue replacement, reduced the complication rate and shortened the healing time.

This book – the first of its kind in German – provides an overview of the most common flap plastics, including their respective axially pedicled variants, as well as a presentation of some rarely used flaps, showing the more advanced possibilities.

The book thus helps the surgeon to select the optimal solution in each individual case from the multitude of competing techniques when planning the operation.

Brief descriptions of the individual flaps at the beginning of each chapter and a quick reference in the appendix facilitate quick orientation. The topography is presented in detail with clear drawings.

Interested parties: Plastic and reconstructive surgeons, trauma surgeons, hand surgeons, maxillofacial and ENT surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, gynaecologists.

Hans Huber Publishers / Bern – Göttingen – Toronto – Seattle / ISBN 3-456-82533-1

Preface. Dedication. Acknowledgements

Part I

  • History of flap surgery
  • Indication
  • Physiology and pathophysiology
  • Personnel and equipment requirements
  • Perioperative management
  • Control of flap perfusion – Monitoring
  • Surgical technique

Part II

  • Temporoparietal flap
  • Scalp flap
  • Trapezius flap
  • Scapular and parascapular lobes
  • Latissimus doris flap
  • Axial lobe (lateral thoracic lobe)
  • Pectoralis major flap
  • Pectoralis minor flap
  • Serratus anterior lobe
  • Free anterior rib transfer
  • Lateral intercostal flap
  • Lateral humeral lobe
  • Medial humeral lobe
  • Radial flap
  • Posterior interosseus flap
  • The rectus abdominis flaps
  • Pedunculated TRAM (transverse rectus abdominis muscle) flap
  • VRAM (vertical rectus abdominis muscle) flap
  • Free TRAM transverse rectus abdominis muscle flap
  • Inguinal flap
  • Iliac crest flap
  • Tensor fasciae latae flap
  • Gluteal flap
  • Gracilis flap
  • Medial knee flap (saphenous flap)
  • Gastrocnemius flap
  • Free fibular transfer
  • Dorsalis pedis flap
  • Free toe transfer
  • Omentum majus flap
  • Free small intestine graft

Part III New Techniques

  • Preformed flaps
  • Venous flaps

General Literature

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